What's coming in 2014

By Sam Gimbel

We have had an incredible time over the last few months bringing you the best subscription homebrew kit money can buy. Thank you to everyone who has taken this ride with us and provided us with feedback. It's been a great launch, and we're ready for a lot, lot more.

Just Launched - Referrals

So many of you have subscribed and then referred your friends. We are touched, and want to say thank you by making your referrals count.

With our new referral system, each person who buys a subscription from your link will earn you $5 off next month's crate. We'll keep throwing you cash until your next bill is free.

To get started, go to your account page. You'll see social links and your unique URL on the right sidebar. Simply share your link on Facebook, Twitter, or paste your link into an email. Your friends will do the rest.

We know as well as you do that they'll appreciate the chance to start brewing.

Coming Soon - Choice

Having someone choose a homebrew recipe for you is convenient, simple, but not always what you want. We get it, and we know that you deserve choice in what you brew and when you brew it. Here's what's coming to BrewCrate to make ours the only subscription homebrew kit that's tailored to you.

Multiple Kits

You asked, and we're doing it. This is our most often requested feature, and we have been working hard to bring it to you. We're not pulling any punches: each month you will have at least two BrewCrates to choose from, with enough variety to make all you hopheads and stout lovers happy.


Wouldn't it be nice if your homebrew kit recipe were exactly your favorite style? We're handing over the reins to our favorite brewers: you. Vote each month on a variety of styles and choose a name you think matches the brew. We will create a recipe each month from the winning style, name the brew after the winning name, and credit the brewer who came up with it. See? We really do love you.

Skip a Kit

Of course, even with user-chosen styles and multiple BrewCrates available each month, you still may want to skip a month's homebrew kit. Just tell us on your account page before the end of the month and we'll make sure you aren't charged.

And Much, Much, More

No, seriously:

  1. Larger Sized Crates: One gallon good, more gallons better. As you develop as a brewer we expect you to want larger batches, and we intend to be ready for you.
  2. Equipment: You want a kettle. You would like to try a different fermenter. Or you broke your airlock and want another one. We'll be offering a wide selection of curated supplies to make the process easier for you.
  3. Crates a la Carte: A natural extension of our monthly service. We'll be offering our monthly kits one at a time.
  4. Office Hours: Brewing should be social, and we'd love to see your faces. We'll be holding live office hours for anyone looking for tips, help, or just some brewfriends.

We'd be lying if we said that's all we have coming down the pipe at Brewcrate, but if I say too much more there won't be any surprises left. Keep your eyes on this space for more announcements.

Sam Gimbel is a Co-Founder of BrewCrate. Get in touch with the team by emailing info@brewcrate.com.